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What is the purpose of the Archbishop's Annual Appeal


The Archbishop's Annual Appeal (AAA) assists in funding the overall budget of the Archdiocese and provides services that parishes cannot do themselves. Along with other funding sources, your generosity and commitment to the AAA allows Archbishop Niederauer and the dedicated staff of the Archdiocese to provide important services to our Universal Church and our local community. Through the Appeal, the Archbishop continues to strengthen the good works of the ministries and agencies that minister to those most in need. The AAA continues to support our children's future by ensuring the availability of a Catholic education. It continues to sponsor ethnic ministries to reach our diverse communities, to assist those embarking on religious vocations, to provide religious education to our parish youth, to strengthen the faith of our young adults and to speak to our greater community about important social policy concerns.

For about the cost of a plain cup of Starbucks Coffee per day, you could contribute $ 500 per year or more to the AAA to aid the work of the Church and to minister to all those supported by these services and agencies. The money that you contribute has a far-reaching impact in your parish, your Archdiocese and beyond. Think about making a pledge to help your parish, our Archdiocese and the Universal Catholic Church.


What Your Gift Supports

Goal: $5,623,300


Parish Ministry & Schools - $779,300

Archdiocesan Direct Ministry - $695,000

Clergy Support - $1,062,900

Universal Church - $1,081,600

Centralized Services - $2,004,500